Monday, January 26, 2009

My Friend's Birthday

Hi friends, yesterday was my friend's birthday and we all enjoyed a lot. From morning we was roaming. First we all went to his home to wish him and we all had our breakfast in his home itself. Then we went to park and we had our lunch there. And in the evening we all went to pub. Morning itself we ordered a cake and took that cake to pub and we all enjoyed his birthday in that pub itself. After some time we all started dancing on the floor. It was a great fun. We really had a great time over there. Then we came out at 10 pm, went to a hotel and had our dinner. After that we all went to his home, dropped him there and we returned home. Each and every one of us enjoyed a lot.


  1. MR.X said...
    visiting u back n feeding dis site.. :D
    Basha The Czar said...
    Hai friend yr blog is so impressive & interesting. I have linked yr blog in mine. Can you pls link me back and msg me. Waiting for yr cute reply friend:)
    日月神教-任我行 said...
    Tey said...
    wow looks like you have abandoned your blog too early.. I hope to read new post next time
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