Saturday, November 22, 2008

My College Life

My college life was like heaven. I enjoyed my college days a lot. I will never forget those days. I really had wonderful friends over there. They was very kind and friendly with me. They loved me so much and i also loved them a lot and i also had very good lectures. They was very cool and polite. We use to have fun with our lectures often. We will never listen what they say. My college infrastructure and surroundings was also very good. We had very good play ground. We use to play in our college ground very often and had a very great time. I enjoyed every single moment in my college. And i met a girl in my college. She was very beautiful and sexy. And she was also very friendly. We use to talk in phone for a long time. But now i some how missed her contact and i very much feel for that. I wish those days would come back.


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