Monday, November 10, 2008

Mobile Phones

Now-a-days each and every one requires a mobile phone. It has become a basic need in every one's life. Generally mobile phones are classified into three types and they are basic phone, color phone and multimedia phone. Basic phones are featured with limited facility. We cant find much option in basic phone because of its cost. We can just make calls and can send message. But in color phones we have access to GPRS connection, we can load pictures, we can send picture message and it also supports mp3 ring tones. Whereas in multimedia mobile phones we have unlimited access like browsing, sending mail, video message, downloading songs, etc,. Multimedia mobile phone comes with pixel camera so we can shoot any where any time. We don't need a separate camera for taking snaps. Its a fully featured phone. It is also called as mini computer because it does 50% of its job.


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