Thursday, November 13, 2008

Met with an accident

Yesterday i went out with my friends and enjoyed a lot. While returning home i met with an accident and i was injured. It wasn't my mistake. I was riding my motorcycle in a constant speed. Suddenly a car came in the middle and i lost my control. And as i taught he knocked me down. When i woke up i was admitted in hospital and i escaped with small injuries. When i came out a man came near me and asked how do you feel now. I said i feel much better now. Then he said that he is the person who did this to me. After hearing that i was about to shout at him. He apologized and he said like i really feel guilty for what i have done and he once again apologized. Then he went to the counter, cleared the bill and dropped me in my home and he gave me some money for repairing my motorcycle. And he also gave his mobile number and said if you have any pain please feel free to call me and he went by saying take care.


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