Friday, November 7, 2008


With the help of internet we can bring the world to our door steps. It is a global network that connects million of computers. There is nothing like we cant find any thing. Every thing is possible with the help of internet. We get all sufficient information about business, technologies, education, medical, politics, etc,. Many countries are linked together in exchanging data, news and opinions. We can access every thing from our home itself. Even we can earn money from internet. We can check out day-to-day information and it also helps us in solving our queries. It also links us with many people around the world in name of chatting and that's really a great think and it also helps us in making friends. Electronic mail is the most widely used application on the Net. We can also carry on live conversations with other computer users, using Internet Relay Chat and its really a very big advantage for us. Like this we have so many advantage in using internet.


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