Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Dream Car

I often think about my dream car Lamborghini(Diablo GT). Its a very cool and sexy car i ever seen. I wish i could own one. But its not possible for me to own such a luxurious now, but one day i will. Its really a mind blowing car. We can hit the road like any thing with this car. The sad thing is, in most of the movies they use to blast these kinds of car as if they are blasting a toy car. I don't know whether this blasting is real or fake. This car is a Two door coupe, with two seats and with horizontally hinged doors. Top speed of this car is around 345km/h its really mind blowing and its a five speed car with 575 BHP at 7300 Rpm and its maximum torque is 630 NM. This is the fastest top speed car that reaches 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds. And interior is also very cool.


  1. Ava Harness said...
    I know this is late, but you have one cool dream car. I started thinking of it and say, "what's not to like about this car?" A Lamborghini is truly one of the most popular supercars aside from Ferrari and Porsche. This definitely deserves to be in one's bucket list. → Ava @ EliteToyota.com
    Ashely Redden said...
    It's been five years, Sunil. Do you own a Lamborghini yet? It's way too expensive for me, so I don't see owning one in the near future -- or ever.

    Ashely @ Infinitiofannarbor.com

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